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Shutters and external blinds

Schutters and external blinds

Excellent thermal, solar, shutting off and eye protection are few of the features by which Plast-Lasgo shutters and blinds bring more comfort and quality in everyday life. Beyond this, they provide security against intrusion and lower the energy costs. Moreover, they can also be used as façade decorative items.

Roller shutters

Plast-Lasgo uses only high quality aluminum.They have the advantage over the plastic blades due to the fact that they insulate heat better and have high stability, featuring a greater variety of colors.

T10 Model Series

Blade carpets providing sunscreen protection, made of double aluminum of high stability.

High transparency and possibility of ventilation when blades are lifted and of darkness when blades and roller shutters are closed.

The blade carpet can be installed in all systems of blinds: minimum width 80 cm, maximum width 240 cm, maximum height 300 cm, maximum area 6 m²  

Classic Series Models

Plast-Lasgo offers you two different profiles:

Type 39: Profile carcass of 39mm has a maximum width of 2.7 m and a maximum area of 5.8 m².

Type 52: Profile carcass of 52 mm has a maximum width of 3.0m and a maximum surface of 8.0 m².

Blades are of perforated profile. Light slits allow the light coming through to a small extent. Both profiles are locked and prevent sliding of profiles.

Roller Shutter Box

Both for new constructions and for building renovations, more and more owners are choosing to complete the installation of windows and doors with external roller shutters. Through several technical innovations, new materials and manufacturing technologies, products in the category of integrated, structured, incorporated and frontal roller shutters were made available.

Use the diversified Plast-Lasgo program and optically and technically create your desired roller shutters.


They manage to create an optimal ambient light any hour of the day and perfectly use natural light. The individual adjustable blade angel provides the necessary natural light while protecting from prying eyes. Through our Venetian blinds we manage to provide the use of natural light for maximum energy efficiency and a pleasant environment.

“Z” Type Blades

They are distinguished by a unique design: the blades overlap perfectly, thus offering a darkening effect.

They are very suitable for sleeping areas or areas were meeting presentations are being held – i.e. for all areas where dimmed light is desired.

An air-tight device in the blade frame further reduces light penetration and prevents tinkling. Particularly stable blades make these roller shutters very resistant.

“C” Type Blades

They are exposed to weather conditions, sunlight with high temperatures during summertime and extreme cold with ice and snow during wintertime. This are supplemented by their functionality regulating the light coming in. The base material of these profiles is high quality aluminum, resistant to corrosion from nature and 100% recyclable. High color resistance and gloss against UV radiations, along with high stability, guarantee the safety of your investment.

Raffstore box

Raffstores have caught for years the attention of builders of new buildings and those in charge of renovations. They are used as special architectural and creative items. The unique benefit lies in their position in front of the window. This kind of installation that avoids heat loss is possible in case of usual boxes.

Integrated raffstores are used in property and building constructions and in renovations. Windows and integrated blinds are an integrated unit, because blinds are installed directly on the window, in the same mounting. Thus, the two will be intertwined later in the facade and will be invisible. Solar protection systems fit any type of window and close tightly. Air coming in and heat loss are this way excluded.