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Caras-Severin Romania 

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OEM - Your brand

OEM is the English acronym for “Original Equipment Manufacturer“

For producers:

Are you part of windows’ manufacturing? Do you have your own manufacturing line, but your capacity is not sufficient for the peak periods? The OEM Department of Plast-Lasgo will gladly produce for you your own brand in PVC windows; PVC and aluminum entrance doors; rolling and sectional garage doors.

For large retailers:

Do you want to become a PVC windows, PVC and aluminum entrance doors, and rolling and sectional garage doors manufacturer, regardless of your suppliers’ manufacture brand? Do you want to produce your own brand? Plast-Lasgo is the right partner for you: an ultra-modern factory located in Romania, with favorable wages (Member State of the European Union), exceptional logistics, solid IT services and specialists fluent in German, English, French, Italian and Romanian.

Send us your wishes and our business concepts, set a deadline with us and we will convince you of our competence.