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Shutters and external blinds


Schutters and external blinds

Excellent thermal, solar, shutting off and eye protection are few of the features by which Plast-Lasgo shutters and blinds bring more comfort and quality in everyday life. Beyond this, they provide security against intrusion and lower the energy costs. Moreover, they can also be used as façade decorative items.

Roller shutters

Plast-Lasgo uses only high quality aluminum.They have the advantage over the plastic blades due to the fact that they insulate heat better and have high stability, featuring a greater variety of colors.


They manage to create an optimal ambient light any hour of the day and perfectly use natural light. The individual adjustable blade angel provides the necessary natural light while protecting from prying eyes. Through our Venetian blinds we manage to provide the use of natural light for maximum energy efficiency and a pleasant environment.