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Privacy policy

Data Protection

Plast-Lasgo and Your Personal Data

As one of the leaders on the market of PVC and aluminum joinery, Plast-Lasgo has committed to using the most modern technologies to improve services and protect as effectively as possible, the personal data of our customers and visitors to our websites.

“Personal data“ refer to all information that enable or facilitate identification of a person.

You can visit the public websites of Plast-Lasgo, without the need of filling in personal data. In certain cases, it is however necessary to obtain certain information from you, so as to provide you with the fair and comprehensive service. In these cases, please send us the required personal data, e.g. thorugh a registration with us. During registration, please give us approval for recording, saving, processing and handling over your personal data to third parties.

Plast-Lasgo and Use of Your Data for Specific Purposes

Generally, we use the information provided only for the purpose it was provided for (e.g. to answer your questions, set offers or process you orders, and conduct our delivery services).

Exceptions to obtaining, saving and processing:

• protection of the rights established by law
• protection from legal proceedings
• preparation, negotiation and execution of economic transactions
• execution of orders of competent authorities or other legal provisions

• if the purpose related directly to a prescribed purpose you were already informed about

• in addition, we use your personal data only to a limited extent for advertising/marketing or surveys.

To the extent necessary for meeting the purpose:

• your personal data can be taken over, saved and processed, and then sent to worldwide companies in the group, subsidiaries and affiliated companies; and

• delivered to third parties as suppliers of Plast-Lasgo, such suppliers being located in Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic or Hungary) or Central Europe (e.g., Germany, Switzerland or Belgium) and, eventually, outside the European Economic Area.

Advertising/Marketing and Surveys

If personal data provided contain lists or other information referring to your affiliation to a category of persons, profession, name, title or academic degree, birth date and place, we will use such data only for advertising our own products, for marketing or survey purposes.

Plast-Lasgo conducts surveys, either directly or in collaboration with a market research institute. In this context, Plast-Lasgo or the research institute assesses various topics, e.g. assessment of products, design, marketing measures or interests and special requests of users regarding Plast-Lasgo products and services. Participation in surveys gives Plast-Lasgo the possibility of obtaining information that can be used for developing new products and services. To the extent Plast-Lasgo uses the services of a market research institute, such institute acts only on behalf of and at the request of Plast-Lasgo. Personal data obtained through these surveys are used by Plast-Lasgo only to further improve its own products and services, considering the information that you obtained. Any other use of personal data by the market research institute, for internal and third-party transfer purposes, is excluded.

At any time whatsoever, you have the right to refuse the use of your personal data for advertising and marketing purposes, as well as for future surveys purposes.

Data Storage Period

Plast-Lasgo saves your personal data only for the period:  
• necessary to meet the delivery obligations and services under the contract;  
• necessary for archiving purposes, under the effective legislation;
• necessary to become active in case of warranty;  
• necessary for solving possible disputes and applying agreements concluded; and  
• as long as your account is active at Plast-Lasgo, and you didn’t ask for or didn’t withdraw the use by Plast-Lasgo.

Plast-Lasgo and Technologies Used (Cookies, Web Beacons)

We gather information for the users of our websites, in order to improve our services and online offers. This way, our customers’ requests can be better met by Plast-Lasgo.

We use the so-called cookies to obtain information. Cookies are small text files saved on your computer when you visit the Plast-Lasgo’s website. Thorugh these data, you are authenticated as user and your preferences are identified. However, cookies can also store technical information. An important advantage for you is the fact that data contained by cookies should not be introduced every time you visit our website. You can delete cookies at any time, if necessary. Additionally, you may avoid cookies by proper setups of your browser. Nevertheless, take into account that, this way, you do not have access to the full functionality of the website. The support function of your browser contains information for removal of cookies.

Use of Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google“). Google Analytics uses the so-called cookies, i.e. text files saved on the user’s computer, which makes it possible to analyze your use of the page. Information regarding the website’s use by the user, generated by cookies, is sent to Google’s server in USA and saved therein. On this website, IP anonymisation was activated, i.e. user’s IP address is shortened first by Google either in an EU Member State, or in a Member State of the European Economic Area. The full IP address is sent to a Google server in USA only in exceptional cases, where it is shortened in. From the administrators of this webpage, Google uses that information for assessing the use of the webpage by the user, for preparing a report on the webpage activities for the administrator and for performing services relating to the use of the webpage and the Internet browser. Google does not link in any way the IP address sent by your browser with other data saved by Google. You can avoid installation of cookies through proper setups of your browser’s software. In this case, you should consider the fact that there is the possibility for the website full functionality not to be available. Additionally, users can avoid registration statements and information generated by cookies, with reference to the use of the website (including IP address) and processing of data by Google, by saving and installing the Browser-Plug-in in the link below. The current link is:

If necessary, you can prevent registration of your personal data by Google Analytics, just be clicking “non-accept“ (refuse), which shows up at your first visit of Plast-Lasgo’s website, specific to your country.


Plast-Lasgo and Taking/Use of Information in the Context of Social Media (Social Media).

Plast-Lasgo’s webpage uses Plugins from Social Media networks, such as Xing, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

These plugins of other platforms can be recognized by means of a logo or a formulation appropriate to the platform concerned. If you use one of these plugins for selecting one of our websites, such plugins can cause a direct connection between your browser and the corresponding pages of the Social Media network.

As this transfer takes place directly between your browser and the corresponding network, we at Plast-Lasgo don’t have access to data sent and, therefore, we can’t find them out.

If you register at the same time to one of these platforms or later on to the corresponding Social Media network, plugins may link between this information and your account. This way, information is assigned to an individual.  The same applies if you actively use plugins or enter comments.

For example, if you click to activate a control surface for your consent (“like button“ on Facebook®) or write comments, various data can be transmitted in general. This depends on the administrator of the Social Media network.


  • IP address
  • Browser and operating system information
  • Screen resolution
  • Installed plugins of your browser, such as Adobe Flash Player
  • Origin of visitor, if you followed a link (Referrer)
  • URL of the current page

Plast-Lasgo has no control over the use of these data with corresponding Social Media network. If you personally are represented on the above mentioned Social Media networks, content such as pictures, contact information and data, your personal opinion or other type of personal information are not covered by Plast-Lasgo’s validity of this statement. Terms of use and protection directives of Social Media networks’ administrators’ data are valid for this content.

Use of External Links

The webpage may contain links to websites of third parties not connected with PlastLasgo. Once you have clicked on such link, we have no control over recording, storage or possible processing of personal data that are transmitted after you clicked on the respective link (e.g. IP or URL address of the webpage link), because we obviously don’t have control over the behavior of third parties. As a result, Plast-Lasgo accepts no responsibility for processing of personal data by third parties.

Plast-Lasgo and Its Partners and Suppliers

Plast-Lasgo makes available to partners and suppliers internet platforms. These webpages can be used only after previous registration. Personal data and information that Plast-Lasgo gets during registration, are recorded, saved and processed by Plast-Lasgo to maintain business relations and, generally, to develop them. Sharing information with partners and suppliers always takes place based on contracts and confidentiality agreements concluded between Plast-Lasgo, its partners and its suppliers.


Plast-Lasgo and Export Controls

As a global-driven company, Plast-Lasgo involves in international trade and delivers products to the EU and countries outside EU. During general transactions, we have to control the exports in terms of products/country, consignee of goods and the end user.

These controls are based on export provisions of the export authorities of Romania, the European Union, Canada and, partially, Federal Republic of China. For the purposes of these provisions regarding data protection, we consider only checking of personal recipients of goods (companies, organizations and individuals) based on the relevant sanctions lusts, generally available in Romania, the European Union, Canada and Federal Republic of China. 

During these checks, Plast-Lasgo regularly compares delivery and personal data (addresses and personal data) with data in these sanctions lists. Plast-Lasgo bears no responsibility for the content of such sanctions lists.

Depending on the results of these controls, Plast-Lasgo undertakes to take appropriate action in connection with the export control provisions, provided for Romania, the European Union, Canada and Federal Republic of China.

Plast-Lasgo and Its License Rights, Trademark Rights and Copyrights

Plast-Lasgo protects its license rights, trademark rights, and copyrights, its registered trademarks, patents and property of customers, suppliers, partners and – if any – towards unknown third parties. Plast-Lasgo reserves the right to use personal data for representation and enforcement referred above, if they are violated or there is a motivated supposition that such violations might exist, meaning that these rights or ownership of Plast-Lasgo or its customers, suppliers, and partners – if any – were indeed violated by unknown third parties.

Right to Withdrawal and Erasure of Personal Information

You can any time withdraw your consent for registration, processing and use of personal information, with effect in the future.

If you withdraw your consent for saving personal information, such information is erased if the acknowledgement of such data is no longer needed for storage or if data erasure would be illegal, under the legal provisions.

Questions about Data Protection Regulations

If you have questions, suggestions, complaints for or objections against the use of data, please address them to:

Although we strive for data saved by us to always correspond to the current situation and be accurate with your request, we will correct mistakes in the data saved by us.

Validity of These Data Protection Statements

This data protection statement becomes effective once with its publication on Plast-Lasgo websites. All previous versions of this data protection statement lose their validity with the publication of the new version.

The most current version of this statement is always accessible on the homepage of the website. If the data protection statements is changed, you can find such changed version of this webpage. You can always have an overview of the personal data we collect and the way we use it, we also keep earlier versions of this data protection statement, by specifying the date and number of the version. Additionally, we notify you in duly time of any changes made, so as to have the opportunity to agree on the renewal of savings and use of your personal information.