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Caras-Severin Romania 

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Transport and installation

Plast-Lasgo specializes in industrial transport of windows, doors and accessories. We deliver to our customers with our own vehicles.

Due to a favorable position for transportation in the West side of Romania, close to the border with Hungary, we reach Vienna in just a few hours and Central Europe the next business day. Under the agreement with the recipient, unloading and assembly are made at the target location.

Our technique: lifting equipment for windows.

Plast-Lasgo has professional equipment for windows’ installation. Special equipment, such as mini-crane of rails in combination with tools for windows installation, enable performance of all tasks. The stationary technique of lifting large weights and the assembly tools are additional aids without which you cannot run a major work.

Our recommendation: installation of RAL windows

A well fitted window should always be installed denser on the inside (tight diffusion) than on the outside (open diffusion). Installation (sealed) according to RAL has been for many years the standard of the technique and is mandatory carried out by specialized companies.

We provide to our distribution and installation partners transport options as needed. For large orders which bring difficulties for installation, we are always ready to help with our own specialists.