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Warranty and service

Plast-Lasgo – Your expert in windows and doors!

Our products are delivered with a 5-year warranty issued from the date of delivery and/or date of installation.

However, occasionally, we recommend the revision, adjustment and tight-sealing of the windows. You can call our Service Department and make an appointment, and our specialists will come directly to your home! By making an appointment, we’ll handle the professional adjustment and sealing of your windows and doors.

Our quality is trustworthy: Past-Lasgo offers the possibility of extending the warranty for up to 10 years. The Warranty Agreement must be concluded no later than one month after installation and remains valid until the expiry of the 10th year.

Our quality is trustworthy: Past-Lasgo offers a 5-year warranty. Our customers will get a warranty certificate describing the services that we provide and their duration:

  • at your request, we offer once a year, a free revision and adjustment of joinery
  • warranty of spare parts until expiry of warranty extension
  • windows, doors, accessories and free assembly, if a fault in the material of finished products has slipped somehow

Those products delivered by Plast-Lasgo but which were damaged by the influence of third parties, are exempt from warranty/extension of warranty.

Plast-Lasgo is your lifetime partner in windows and doors – put us to the test!