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Address: Bocşa , Str . Carpați, no. 3

Caras-Severin Romania 

Phone: +40 (0)255 / 551 056 




Our colleagues from the Distribution Department are always available for you! Plast-Lasgo carries out several marketing and distribution measures to win and keep the customers:

-          direct distribution
-          cooperation with partners
-         distribution in stores/subsidiaries
-          events
-          online distribution
-          hotlines for orders processing
-          events
-          surveys
-          commercials
-          recommendations from customers already in our network

Direct Sale

The most successful way to gain new customers is a direct discussion with the customer – therefore, direct distribution. Only thorugh such an approach we can find the customers’ needs and desires and can react accordingly.

Cooperation with partners

To be close to customers, especially in international business, Plast-Lasgo emphasizes the trustworthy collaboration with partners checked and approved by us. Hence, we can manage to cover a geographical area that reaches into Germany, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland. Plast-Lasgo products are sold during our globalization of our daily lives, up to Canada. This proves the extraordinary quality of our products, impeccable logistics and onsite service/excellent warranty concept for the customer, covered by our local partners.

Distribution in stores/subsidiaries

Plast-Lasgo decided in 2012, after setting up, to open its own LLC in Austria. With the main purpose to meet customers’ wishes as quickly and as well as possible, building a communication without boundaries became desirable. Plast-Lasgo is a lifetime partner.

Our colleagues from Plast-Lasgo Distribution Department speak the following languages:

- english

- italian

- french

- romanian


Contact us and give us the opportunity to convince you of our products and services.