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Entrance Doors

Entrance Doors

Thermal insulation, safety, durability, clear design and appropriate prices are the features more than welcome when it comes to entrance doors. Plast-Lasgo offers you multiple choices and a variety of house and entrance doors, to create a modern and individual access to your home. Entrance doors from Plast-Lasgo meet the highest expectations in terms of appearance and functionality.

Excellent thermal insulation will convince even the most aware and informed home builder in terms of renovation. A U value of up to 0.76 W/m²K makes from our  “Welcome Home” entrance doors, the ideal solution for homes with passive or low energy consumption and helps reduce the heating costs in the long run. And all these under safety conditions: the doors are protected from tempering, also due to their modern closing and opening solutions. Consequently, it creates the opportunity of giving up the house keys and increasing the comfort of living.

On the outside, Plast-Lasgo doors come with a clear, reduced design that fits harmoniously with the architecture of your home; and, on request, it may even bring personalized, individual accents. Your desires are endless, since we offer 50 laminate surfaces, easily to maintain.  

To fit the straight style of building, Plast-Lasgo doors are also available in coplanar bilateral variant. This means that the door and the frame are manufactured in the same plan, inside and outside. Items are available in all variations – with glass insertions, lateral sections and skylight (air shaft) – so they can find multiple uses and match any house construction and architecture. Suitable fittings emphasize additionally the clear design. Various versions of door handles are available for the outside part, while for the inside part you may choose different handles.

Plast-Lasgo can produce efficient and affordable solutions for individual doors thanks to the modern manufacturing technology.

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